Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hey guys, this week went well!  First off, we had a multizone conference with President Smith.  We talked about on how we can help the church here in Guatemala grow.  For the last few years, at least here in Huehue, there have been babtisms but the church attendences havent really been going up.  We talked about working with our members and inviting them to help in the work.  A big thing that maybe we havent been doing too well is family history!  After this meeting, we are definitely going to focus a lot more on helping our converts and members understand family history so they can go to the temple.

This week went well for us, we have been working a lot with a girl named Sandra.  She works in a store right in front of the church, but she wasnt progressing for a long time.  This week she finally talked to her dad, and he gave her permission to come to church!  He also wanted to talk with us, so we are hoping that we can also start teaching him as well.  

This week we were walking when we saw a couple trying to carry a bed.  We offered to help, they accepted, then we talked with them for a while.  They are brand new here and super positive!  They have been looking for spiritual guidance and dont go to any church.  When I was on divisions my comp talked with them and they said they would come to church.  We were really bummed when they didnt come to sacrament meeting.  During our class our bishop stuck his head in and said, "Elders, there is a family looking for you!"  They came!  They really enjoyed church, Im excited to start working with them.  Miricales still happen!

I have some news... Eduardo babtized his daughter this week!  They are still on track to being sealed in the temple, which is really special to me.  His conversion inspires me to keep searching for families and helping them understand the gospel.  I love the work, know its true, and love all of you!

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