Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

8 Meses!

8 months down!  Its crazy just how fast the mission goes by, I still have a lot to learn, but I have learned a ton.  This week was pretty good.  Its super hard finding investigators in our area, but last monday something cool happened.  We felt impressed to knock a door that we had knocked about 5 times.  This time a bulky guy shook our hands and told us that he was babtized.  He served with the stake, went to the temple, everything.  His wife too, the whole family was super active but for some reason they fell away.  They are super nice and I hope we can help them back to the chuch.
Edwardo is on fire right now, him and his whole family is doing great.  They are doing family home evening and scripture study.  We taught him about tithing and accpeted it without any problems.  I feel the spirit really strongly with him and his family, they are just great.  Plus, he sells chocholate and after the lesson yesterday he gave me a Snickers so thats always a bonus
We had stake conference this weekend.  Edwardo and his family came, so did Rosa.  Rosa is doing well, but she has to get divorced and itll cost like 500 bucks.... which is about as much as most people make in 2 months.  Haha why do divorces cost so much!  Its kind of frustrating but we will just have to see how things turn out.
The temple here is sweet, Ive never seen a prettier temple on the inside holy cow.  In the creation room is a mural of the Guatemalan mountains and Lake Aticlan, which is where they think the waters of mormon are.  I havent felt such a peace for a long time.  I had a really spiritual experience in the celestial room.  I was bent over praying when I felt like someone was behind me with their arms around my shoulders.  Ive never felt something like that, but I sure could feel Gods love.   I think we should all go to the temple as much as we possibly can, and all you who live in Pleasant Grove dont have any excuses!  We live so close to the temple, but I know the before my misison sometimes I wouldnt make the time to go.  The temple is literally Gods house, go as much as you can!  Satan wants to keep us "busy" so we cant recieve blessings.  The blessings are free, so make time to recieve them.  

Well my comp goes home this week, which will be kind of sad but a nice change at the same time.  Im kind of hoping I dont train because then I would be here almost 8 months haha thats a long time to be in one area.  I just want to see Edwardo get baptized, hes such a good guy.  Our area is freaking hard but if nothing else at least he will get baptized.  
Thats about all I have this week, I love you all.  Thanks for the support and prayers, missions are awesome, the church is true and I love being here.  Pongan su fe en Dios y el les ayudaran!

Our "condo" complex where we live

Me and my comp and two drunk guys who love us

At the temple!

Friday, March 20, 2015

4 meses in San Mateo!

Well this week was a great week! My birthday was this week and is was different haha but its all good.  This week we had a zone conference with our mission president.  We talked all about Joseph Smith and the Resturation.  It was super awesome.  I love how the gospel just makes sense!  We also watched part of "Meet the Mormons" which was super cool.  There are so many amazing members in our church and so many cool people.  I started having flashbacks because at one part theres a kid preparing for a mission, going to Mr. Mac, getting dropped off at the airport.  In reality the mission goes by really fast so we just have to do all we can!

We talked with Edwardo this week and he wants to get babtized in April!  I was really really excited for him and his family.  I know that he will be really powerful in the church and do a lot of great things.  His whole family is super happy and they are now praying together and reading every night.  Yeehaw!

This week the Jehovahs Witnesses have been going crazy here!  There have been like 10 of them knocking on doors, they even came to our house haha.  They knocked on our door and when we came outside kind of looked around and got scared.  Its better to just let them do their thing and not try to fight with them.  
We also have been reactivating this family of 3.  The mom is signing up for byu idaho online and is super happy.  Ive had a lot of other good experiences this week and have been feeling the spirit really powerfully each and every day.  My companion goes home in 2 weeks and always says hes tired haha, but we are still doing quite a bit.  I love you guys!  The church is true! 

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Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey everyone, this was an interesting week!  We moved houses, which was a ton of work.  We had to take everything out by ourselves, clean the whole appartment, and unpack everything in our new house.  Our new house is a little condo, its actually pretty nice.  Our other house didnt have any windows haha so things now are a lot better!
This week I had divisions with the zone leaders in San Juan.  In San Juan pretty much everyone speaks Mam, which is one of the Mayan dialects.  Its crazy!  We taught a ton of lessons and we basically put 3 babtizm dates which was sweet.  Its always nice to learn from other elders and what they are doing in their areas.
Well the other day we were teaching a less active named Angel when his brother walked in.  He introduced himself as a Jehovahs Witness and I was like, "Ahh great..." He then started talking a bunch of nonsense about men not being able to see God... then I shared with him a few sciptures about men seeing God haha he got super mad!  Its best to never fight with anyone, all we can do is bear our testimonies and invite others to hear our message. 
Sunday we had an awesome lesson with Pamela and Edwardo.  I kind of thought they would never accept us again because they hadnt come to church for like 3 sundays and "didnt have time" for us during the week.  To my surprise, they walked in to the chapel just after the sacrament and were super happy.  We taught them after church and, wow, they have really progressed!  They were listening to MoTab and watching "The District" when we came over.  We challenged Edwardo and it was pretty much a yes.... but he says he wants to fast and pray.  We are going over Tuesday to see what his response is, so please pray for him!  I know God lives and that this is his church.  Mission work is super hard, but awesome.  I love the cold nights, endless tortillas, and crazy Guatemalan buses.  But most of all I love the people and the chance to serve.  Adios!