Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

God never forgets!

Hi everyone!  This week was fairly good, my companion and I are working better than ever before.  There are always a few problems here and there, but we are moving right along.  

I just read Mckayla Dibbs letter about her mission in Guatemala City.  She said that the people lie a lot haha and thats kind of true!  The people are really nice, so they dont want to offend us.  They say things like, "We dont have time," or "My mom isnt home,"  which is frustrating at times.  At least the people here are pretty nice, I know there are parts of the world where people slam the doors and yell at the missionaries.  Luckily, that doesnt happen here!

Well, this week we have a pretty cool experience with Hermana Rosa, remember her?  Her husband is a less active member and we have been teaching his wife.  Wow, she reads the Book of Mormon like crazy.  She also had a dream of her and her husband happily married and just really joyful.  She is starting to see that the Gospel is what makes us happy.  Next week she is going to come to church and hopefully tonight we are going to challenge her to be babtized.  All of these changes, all of this happened because two weeks ago we felt a small impression to offer service to some people we didnt even know.  Always follow the Spirit, it always helps us out!

Every day I read the Book of Mormon I am more and more convinced that Im serving among the Lamanites.  Its super crazy, if I ever get discouraged I read in Alma and his challenges while serving this people.  I love the Book of Mormon, without it, people are just so confused.  It is such a great book and I know it is from God.  I love the Church and I love being a missionary.  Adios y que Dios les bendiga!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hi guys, thanks for the emails!  I finally got my backpack.... THANK YOU!  I have no idea why they all say to bring a side bag because backpacks are soooo much better.  My back thanks you, mom.  Plus, that candy is pretty much gold.  Its pretty much gone, but chocolate here is worth its weight in gold.  Thanks!  Dad, glad you are doing better.  The flu is nasty!  Luckily I havent really gotten sick yet, even though I probably should!  I know the Lord blesses us.

Well, Elder Andy is back haha.  Apparently after we had changes, he went to another mountain for 6 weeks.  He complained, so he got put in another mountain for 4 weeks.  This week he got put with the zone leaders here in my zone... poor guy.  I hope hes doing ok.

My comp is doing alright, I have learned a lot from him.  Hes kind of like Trevor, a Trevor from Peru. 

Im about to finish my 5th change as a missionary!  Ive been thinking about all that Ive experienced here and have been able to accomplish.

For the past 6 months Ive done more service than ever.  Cutting wood, picking corn, painting houses, washing dogs, and teaching english are just a couple of the things Ive done here.  Its amazing how service can open up peoples hearts.  Sometimes we feel busy, but if we slow down a little and serve, we will be a lot happier!

Ive also taught a lot of lessons.  Teaching less actives, inactives, and investigators is all part of the work.  A lot of people dont listen, well maybe they listen but dont exactly understand.  Teaching so others understand is vital.  It takes a lot of work and obedience, but most importantly it takes the Spirit to teach well.  If we teach well, we can change lives!

These are just a few of the things Ive been thinking about.  This week started a little slow, but in the end, like always, some great things happened.  We found a family, a new family from Guatemala City.  The dad was babtized, but went inactive.  His wife and daughter arent members but are really receptive.  We are doing a family home evening with them tonight, I feel that we can help them a lot!

I keep feeling the Lord guide our steps every day.  Sometimes our appointments fall, then our backup plans fall too.  Then we just look around, talk with someone, and pretty much always get a return appointment.  If we are worthy of the Spirit, He will guide us to those who are prepared!  I love you all and I love the work!

I love you guys, thanks for everything you do.  Keep on being awesome!
Downtown San Mateo
Our Area-It's really pretty

Travel Guatemala style

My companion, Elder Yataco holding a turkey

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hey everyone, another week down!  Its crazy just how fast the time starts to fly.  This week was a little crazy.  Tuesday night we were at a house when the sister missionaries called us.  "Run Elders to Sister Sontays house!"  they said so we started sprinting.  There is a widow in our ward who has diabetes and the sisters went to visit her.  She had like a diabetic attack or something and was in pretty bad shape.  We gave her a blessing, she went to the hospital, and luckily everything was ok.  Still, a little bit of a shock!

Well, this week was a little hard.  It seems like we are cursed right now haha.  Whenever we go to an appointment, the people arent there.  We missed like 2 appointments due to time and now those people are mad at us... Sometimes my companion doesnt quite sense what time it is which is kind of hard.  Other than that, it was a pretty good week because we had a BABTISM! 

Ok, so theres this lady named Martha Julia in our branch.  She went inactive for like 3 years and didnt want anything with the church.  Within the past 3 months, she started returning to church and asked us to babtize her son Jose.  We taught the both of them and this Saturday held the baptism.  I forgot how good it felt to babtize someone, its so awesome and a great blessing for everyone.  The service was great and afterward we had some yummy cake

There are changes in the next 2 weeks and our president is thinking of closing one of the areas here in San Mateo.  Its been pretty hard finding people to teach here, but I have learned a lot so far.  My mission is slowly becoming who I am.  I love serving, preaching, and working to save as many as I can.  Adios!