Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hey guys, this week went well!  First off, we had a multizone conference with President Smith.  We talked about on how we can help the church here in Guatemala grow.  For the last few years, at least here in Huehue, there have been babtisms but the church attendences havent really been going up.  We talked about working with our members and inviting them to help in the work.  A big thing that maybe we havent been doing too well is family history!  After this meeting, we are definitely going to focus a lot more on helping our converts and members understand family history so they can go to the temple.

This week went well for us, we have been working a lot with a girl named Sandra.  She works in a store right in front of the church, but she wasnt progressing for a long time.  This week she finally talked to her dad, and he gave her permission to come to church!  He also wanted to talk with us, so we are hoping that we can also start teaching him as well.  

This week we were walking when we saw a couple trying to carry a bed.  We offered to help, they accepted, then we talked with them for a while.  They are brand new here and super positive!  They have been looking for spiritual guidance and dont go to any church.  When I was on divisions my comp talked with them and they said they would come to church.  We were really bummed when they didnt come to sacrament meeting.  During our class our bishop stuck his head in and said, "Elders, there is a family looking for you!"  They came!  They really enjoyed church, Im excited to start working with them.  Miricales still happen!

I have some news... Eduardo babtized his daughter this week!  They are still on track to being sealed in the temple, which is really special to me.  His conversion inspires me to keep searching for families and helping them understand the gospel.  I love the work, know its true, and love all of you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We did it!

Hey guys, well, we did it!  Carlos finally got babtized on Saturday and it was such an awesome experience.  The Spirit was strong, this family has come so far in their progress so far and it will be exciting to see them keep progressing.  In his interview with President Smith, Carlos says his next goal is to get sealed in the temple with his family.  This whole experience has taught me that miracles still exist, that God still loves us.  Through helping this wonderful family many lives will be blessed through their service and testimonies. What a great way to finish off this change!

Speaking of changes... my companion has changes tomorrow!  It was super unexpected to me, but Heavenly Father sure has taught me a lesson.  It doesnt matter where I am, who Im with, or if Im a leader or not.  Im here to do whatever Heavenly Father wants me to do.  I will do my best to work hard and to learn as much as I can.  By the end of this next change I will have been a district leader for 6 months in the same area with 3 different companions, Im excited to make this next change the best one yet!

We have been teaching this 19 year old named Christian, he finally came to church yesterday!  The only challenge with him is that he is a little, well, lets just say he has some strange ideas.  We were talking about how God loves us and God wants us to have families.  We asked, "Christian, would you like to have a happy family?"  He responded, "Yeah, actually I want to have 2 families, 2 wives."  Haha we thought he was joking but it didnt really sound like it!  Christian needs a lot of help but hopefully he comes around, we will keep working with him!

I would just like to finish this letter with my testimony.  This is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know it, and knowing it has helped me change into a better person.  I know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet, that he actually did restore this wonderful Gospel.  A year of prayer, fasting, experiences, and personal revelation have combined to give me a strong testimony.  Every day I feel the Holy Ghost working through me, which is something that sadly didnt happen before my mission.  I feel more confident, more love, and happier.  My mind and thoughts are cleaner. I dont have as much anxiety as I did before.  I can testify that the Spirit exsists and we can have its company if we try seperating ourselves a little bit from the world.  We need to avoid distractions, we need to repent and keep in mind why we are here on this planet.  I guess Im a living testament of somebody that has completely changed, so never give up on your goals or ambitions.  President Hinkley once said, "Your best is good enough," so lets do our best to strenghten our testimonies and to be happier. Lets trust in our Savior!  I know he will help us out.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Call.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The week!

Hey everyone!  To be honest, there were quite a few distractions this week.  Some of you probably know that there were elections this week, which is a really big deal here. A lot of people were working extra hard to make sure that their political party won or protesting, which meant not a lot of people in their houses!  On top of that, my companion got sick because he ate 4 fried tacos from my convert Israel haha his food is not very clean.  In spite of all the challenges, we focused on the good and did our best. 

Carlos was supposed to be babtized this week, but due to some protesting President Smith decided not to come to Huehue.  Its been kind of hard for both me and my companion to wait so long, but I guess this experience is teaching us ´pacience.  Manuel and his family continue to do well, they couldnt come to church because they had to go vote in a village far away but promised to come next Sunday.  We worked this week with a little boy named Alex, who is super cool but his whole family is Catholic.  We recieved permision from the grandpa, mom, grandma etc. but something strange happened when we passed by to teach him.  His aunt decided to join in on the lesson and I could tell that there was a bad spirit present.  We will have to keep working with Alex, but I have faith that he can be babtized.  We have some new people lined up to teach this coming week, so I hope some of them are positive!

I think some advice I would give for anyone called to the Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, mission would to bring waterproof everything!  Though it hasnt rained too much this season, there will be times when we are super far away in the mountain and it will start dumping rain haha. My companion always says that this is the Rambo mission because of all the mountains, crazy languages, rain, etc...  Speaking of my comp, things have been going well between us.  Hes a great guy, its kind of funny to me because even though he is from Peru he is pretty much a Gringo.  He has seen tons of movies, likes longboarding, used to be in the Peruvian military, loves pizza, we relate to each other well and it makes mission work a lot more fun.  This next week is the last one of the change, so we will see if I have changes or not.  Either way, Ive enjoyed training my companion and in a lot of ways he has trained me.  

I would like to end with a scriptue, which I wont quote but I would like for you guys to look it up.  I love 1 Nephi 17 15, I love Nephis rock solid example of righteousness.  Do we simply "try" to keep the commandments or do we "strive" to live them?  There are so many blessings that Heavnely Father wants to dump on us, but first we must do our part.  I love the Gosepel and being here in Guatemala.  Love you all!  Que Dios les bendiga!