Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hey everyone, another week down!  Its crazy just how fast the time starts to fly.  This week was a little crazy.  Tuesday night we were at a house when the sister missionaries called us.  "Run Elders to Sister Sontays house!"  they said so we started sprinting.  There is a widow in our ward who has diabetes and the sisters went to visit her.  She had like a diabetic attack or something and was in pretty bad shape.  We gave her a blessing, she went to the hospital, and luckily everything was ok.  Still, a little bit of a shock!

Well, this week was a little hard.  It seems like we are cursed right now haha.  Whenever we go to an appointment, the people arent there.  We missed like 2 appointments due to time and now those people are mad at us... Sometimes my companion doesnt quite sense what time it is which is kind of hard.  Other than that, it was a pretty good week because we had a BABTISM! 

Ok, so theres this lady named Martha Julia in our branch.  She went inactive for like 3 years and didnt want anything with the church.  Within the past 3 months, she started returning to church and asked us to babtize her son Jose.  We taught the both of them and this Saturday held the baptism.  I forgot how good it felt to babtize someone, its so awesome and a great blessing for everyone.  The service was great and afterward we had some yummy cake

There are changes in the next 2 weeks and our president is thinking of closing one of the areas here in San Mateo.  Its been pretty hard finding people to teach here, but I have learned a lot so far.  My mission is slowly becoming who I am.  I love serving, preaching, and working to save as many as I can.  Adios!

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