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Monday, January 19, 2015

La Obra y Mi Semana

The work continues here in San Mateo!  We entered a lot of houses this week and found a couple of cool investigators.  Its amazing to me how the Spirit guides us.  Sometimes if an appointment falls we look around and think, "Well, what now?" But almost always there will be someone sitting around us and after talking to us they invite us to come by.  The Spirit, that's all you need to be successful in missionary work!

Well, this week on of our best investigators got kind of mad at us.  We invited him to play soccer with the members at 7 in the chapel.  The thing is, the members never showed up!  Then, when they came at 830, they didn't invite him to play.  That was kind of a bummer for us this week.  

Something great did happen this week.  Pamela, a lady who was inactive for like 3 years, came to church with us.  She also brought here 3 little girls and told us after church something cool.  "Elders, you need to come teach my husband this week!  He needs a little help but will be baptised for sure!"  I'm really excited to teach him, one day this family can be sealed in the temple!  We also had like 30 less actives attend church, which is just amazing to me.  

The way God works wonders always surprises me.  Sometimes we feel that all is lost, that we should give up.  In a second, in a quick gesture of love He changes everything.  If we get closer to Him, He showers us with blessings and with His love. That doesn't
                                                             Overlooking San Mateo
                                            Sometimes our Ward Mission Leader drives us!
                                                                            San Mateo
                                                                             The Car!!
mean there wont be trails, because a life without trials wouldn't be worth living.  Through the trials, like Nephi breaking his bow, the persecution of the saints, and every other little thing, we grow.  We learn to root ourselves in the Gospel.  We learn to rely on the soft whispers of the Spirit rather than the loud shouts of the world.  I love the Gospel.  I love my mission, even though its hard.  Ive become a better man and have shared the Restored Gospel with many.  I love you all, keep yourselves rooted and never let go of the iron rod!

Con amor, Elder Call

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