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Monday, January 12, 2015

Le Semana

Hey guys,

I havent written a blog email in a while so here we go!  This week was kind of like a roller coaster, but it ended on a very good note.

My companion lately has been a little sad.  He goes home pretty soon and he doesnt want to leave the mission.  I{ve been doing my best to help him out, I kind of feel bad for him but I have been praying to help him out. 

Well, this week we had divisions with the zone leaders.  Elder Navaro came here with me in San Mateo.  He is a really great elder and helped us quite a bit.  Haha it was kind of sad because our appointments, well, kind of didnt go too well.  BUT we did find a new investigator, he likes to run, learn about the bible, and talk (and talk, and talk....), hopefully we can help him progress.  

Our division went Saturday Sunday, which was something new.  That Sunday morning we tried something new.  We have like 40 members who live about 1 hour from the chapel and are inactive.  They wanted to come to church, so we had them commit to come in a free bus.  Everyone comited to come, but when we went to bring them on the bus no one came!  We had 7 people come, which is certainly better than nothing.  I really think though that having this bus will help a lot of people out. 

Sunday my companion came back to San Mateo.  We found this lady named Pamela and her family.  She was babtized but is inactive.  We taught her and she is positive that she will come to church this next week.  That was really awesome, I think reactivating people is so important because there are so many inactive people here.  We also have this family we are teaching, we did some service for them this morning and hope to bring them to church this next week.

I know the church is true.  I know missions are so important to the Lord and we serve in many different ways.  Wheter it be reactivating, babtizing, or just strengthening the ward, everything we do is helping the Lord and building the kingdom.  Missions are certainly very challenging, but so rewarding.  I love you guys, adios!

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