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Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad a todos!

Feliz Navidad a todos!  I cant believe we are just 3 days away from Christmas.  Last Christmas was quite a bit different haha but Im excited and ready for the 25th.  

This week Elder Duncan, the area president of central america, came and spoke to the mission.  He taught us a lot of really cool and useful things.  We talked a lot of how our mission could improve and babtize more people.  One thing he taught was to only have 25 minute lessons so we can teach more people.  Ha it was so funny, right after he said this he asked an Elder if he had an appointment that night.  The elder said yes, then Elder Duncan asked how long the appointment would be.  The elder said "An hour and a half?" haha and our mission president just shook his head and Elder Duncan had to be more clear with this elder.  I really liked another thing he said: "Lo minimo o lo maximo?  El senor quiere misioneros sin limites."  The Lord wants our best!  After the meeting they gave us some honey glazed ham... that is some good stuff.

When I got here to San Mateo, there werent any investigators.  I kind of figured that the other elders werent really doing too much and, after talking to a few of them at the meeting with Elder Duncan, I figured correctly... At least now we have a few investigators, we are even teaching two families.  Work ethic is a problem in our mission and Elder Duncan made sure everybody knew it.  Nevertheless, I feel like my companion and I are doing the best we can with what we have got. Everyday we are learning more, getting better, growing, and doing our best.  

Final thing... Christmas is coming!  There have been a lot of concerts, parades, and parties all week here, its kind of crazy.  My companion tells me the 24th at midnight everyone goes into the street and lights firecrackers... yay!  Its kind of different being away from home but Im excited.  Ive been reading a lot in the New Testament this past week and challenge you all to do the same.  Remember why we have Christmas, have a good week!  

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