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Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello San Mateo!!

Hey guys!  Well, this week was absolutely insane!  I had my first change this week.  We woke up at 330 to catch a bus to the changes so we got there a little tired.  Anyway, my old companion went to open an area in Huehuetenango in a super far away aldea haha poor guy...  My new area is called San Mateo and, well, lets just say its a huge improvement haha.  We are about 15 minutes from the temple, we are just a little sub urb of Xela.  

I like it here a lot!  The members here are really, really nice.  This area is one of the more wealthier areas in the mission, so we have a lunch schedule for every single day which is super awesome.  We share this area with two sisters which... well... yeah   Just kidding, they are both from Mexico and they help us a little and we help them a little.  Oh, this area is pretty much the evangalist capital of the world.  These guys, what the, only one word... duro!  They go to church 5, yes, 5 days a week.  And a lot even go 6.  That will definitely be a challenge for us here, these guys are something else I tell you what...

Nevertheless, Im doing a lot better here.  Our house is super nice and Ive been eating healthier and better food.  A lot of these guys here in Xela dont know how nice they have it.  My companion, Elder Yataco, does because he has been in 4 of the hardest, most mountainous areas in the mission!  He is 25, from Peru, and knows a TON of scriptures.  I like him a lot better than my other comp, hes a lot nicer and will actually listen to me.

The other day we were at an investigators house to show them a video.  Near the end, they handed both of us a huge cup of coffee... Oh geez haha we just put it on the floor and after the prayer quickly left.  Thats about it from here, we are working a lot more here but its going to be hard.  Im ready to get stuff done!
Attachments area

Heading out of Choqui in the back of a truck!!  This is how you travel in the moutains! 

Guatemalan Fish Fry!

My bed on the left

A map of San Mateo

My house is the pink one on the left-really nice place!

My street

The bus to ride around town

I opened my Christmas package early-love it!!

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