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Monday, October 12, 2015

Stake Conference!

Hey guys, this week went well!  So last Monday we went and contacted a guy named Melvyn.  At first he didnt seem too positive, but when we went back with him he had read and really liked the Book of Mormon.  Hes an 18 year old that doesnt go to any church, though his family is Evangelico.  My comp and I came to a conclusión this week: we need to start teaching more families!  Its good to teach individuals, but the Gospel is designed for eternal families.  We tried to be friends with Melvyns mom this week, she even gave us some lemonade ☺.  We plan on working with Melvyns family this week, it may be a little challenging but we can do it!

We were a little bit bummed because Sandra, who had a babtism date, wasnt babtized.  We decided to try teaching the Gospel to her dad, which was very interesting.  They live pretty far up in the mountain, but we hiked up to their house and knocked the door.  Her dad was fixing a watch or something but invited us in.  He had another friend there, who joined in on the lesson.  We taught the Resturation clearly and thouroughly, and in the end asked if there were any questions.  The "friend" stood up and started attacking everything we said, even though we showed him that everything we teach is Biblical.  He turned to Sandras dad, who was really convinced about what we had taught, and yelled, "Tell them to never teach Sandra again!"  Sandras dad just looked at the ground and grunted, then after a moment the friend stormed off.  This week we plan on working with the entire family and we are praying that all goes well.  

Our stake conference was excellent!  Elder Cesar Vasquez, an area seventy and mission president here in Quetzaltenango about 8 years ago, came and talked to us.  President Smith also came, so it was a really spiritual meeting.  I liked how Elder Vasquez talked about perfection, how we should always strive, "to be the best in whatever we do."  The Spirit was incredibly strong in the two sessions we atended.  The best thing is that Ever and Roxana, a family we have been teaching, came on Sunday, which is their 3rd time coming to church!  

At the end of the conference, my convert Carlos was given the Melquesidec priesthood, which was a huge step for him.  After the conference we passed by his house.  He was sitting outside with his kids at a little desk with a pen in his left hand and a paper filled with "C"s and "D"s.  "What are you doing?" we asked him.  "Im learning how to write.  Now that I have the priesthood, I need to learn more and be a better dad."  It was a really tender moment, I have been really impressed by his humility and the great change Ive seen.  

Thats about all that happened this week, I know the church is true!  I know the Spirit will guide us if we are worthy and seek its presence.  I love the scriptures and know we can learn so much if we will humble ourselves and study.  Nos vemos!

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