Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

Elder Call goes to an entirely different planet!

Haha I think the title of this letter explains a lot!  Monday night I said my final goodbyes to everyone in Brasilia and Tuesday morning we headed to changes.  My new area is called Xeroxon (try saying that one 3 times fast) in a little city called Nahuala.  

Have you ever seen grown men wearing skirts?  Or how about entire families bathing together in a little brick hut?  Well, come on down to Nahuala!  Everyone here speaks Quiche, in fact, there are very few people who speak spanish very well.  Sometimes missionaries call this "Mission Nahuala" because the culture, climate, everything is just so incredibly different.  Speaking of climate, it gets really cold here!  I dont think it will snow but apparently next month the lows will be freezing or below.  The mission work, due to all these factors, has been struggling for a long time.  We have to use members to try translating for us because if not no one understands.  Its an entirely different world here, lots of changes.  

My new companion is a really good guy from Yucatan, Mexico.  Waiting to see who your new companion is can be a little stressful, but Im glad that the Lord put me with my comanion Elder Kauil.  Hes a great worker, maybe a little bit disanimated due to the lack of success in this area but hes an awesome guy.  We have done a lot of careful planning and hope to elevate our ward here.  I dont think it should really be a ward because we dont have a bishop, or councilors, or a mission leader, etc.  There are about 100 people that come each week, but most are women and children.  One of the stake councilors is in charge of our ward right now, lets just say that there is a lot of disorganization.  

Thats about it for this week, these past few days everyone has been celebrating "Dia de los muertos" so its been really difficult having lessons.  Im still trying to absorb everything and I want to know our area a lot better.  I love you all!!!

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