Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

Things are good!

As you can probably tell by the title of this letter, things actually improved quite a bit for us this week!  We have been working like crazy lately, not necessarily with a ton of appointments but rather looking for positive people.  To do so, we took members with us 6 out of 7 days, and some days we went with 4 different members.  I feel like Im working more than I ever have in my whole mission and I can see a lot of great blessings in both my life and in our area.

This week we went to visit a guy named Jorge, who is extremly Evangelico but he always recieves us and is reading the Book of Mormon.  We walked into his little workshop, where he was fixing something while listening to some Pastor "preaching" on Youtube.  I could feel that there was a really bad spirit present, I dont like it when these "Pastors" take the Lords name in vain and, as we say in spanish, "estafan" a lot of people.  Anyway, I felt inspired to put on a video by Jeffery R. Holland where he bears his testimony about the Book of Mormon.  I kid you not, the Spirit of the entire room changed and we could all feel a much greater power in the little workshop.  Even with this Spirit, Jorge went on a rant for about 25 minutes about how, apparently, Jospeh Smith WAS a prophet and that the Book of Mormon IS true, but that he would never come to our church.  Moral of the story: Satan sure likes to make everyone super confused!

We went to a part of our area this week called "148", which is a little bit far but we found that the people speak spanish fairly well and also speak Quiche.  We found a lot of people that had never seen missionaries before, so I think it might actually be a good idea to put a pair of missionaries there.  

We set a babtism date with a guy named Eduardo this week.  He listened to missionaries in the past, but kept falling in his addiction to alcohol and was also living with a girl though they werent married.  He said he could come to church this next week, but we are a little bit confused because it appears that he may be living with his girlfriend again.  I have a good feeling that he can change and be a powerful influence here in Barrio Xeroxon.

This week we had another miracle.  Saturday was a really rough day, we went from appointment to appointment and nearly every single one fell through.  We were pretty disanimated, and both me and my companion were thinking about maybe just giving up.  We felt inspired to go visit a family of some members who had given us some references, and they decieded to go contact with us at 825, which is really late here.  Anyway, we invited both families to church and guess what?  One of them actually came!  Thats a really huge miracle for us because everyone here is super fanatic about church and religion.  We have a lesson planned with them on Tuesday, so thats something really exciting for me.  

Personally, I feel that things are going pretty well.  I kind of feel like Im in my prime as far as missionary work goes, I also feel a much stronger spirit with me at all times.  Work, work, work really is key to missionary work.  By working effeciently with our members like we have been doing here, I think my district would improve a ton and we would be doing what the Lord wants us to do.  All is well down here in Guate, Love you all!!!

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