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Friday, December 4, 2015

Miracles and a new house!

Hey guys!  Well like I told you last week the fair came to town.  Things were absolutely nuts!  We went through a really rough patch because a lot of our appointments fell.  The Catholic church lit off millions of "bombas" all throughout the day, even at 4 00 in the morning haha.  The good thing is that the fair is done and things should be normal until Christmas.

To tell the truth I am absolutely exhausted right now.  The fair ended on Thanksgiving day, but I wasnt there because me and the zone leaders did a gigantic division.  One of the zone leaders came here to Nahuala to look for a new house with my companion.  I went with Elder Rojas from Panama to do a double division in San Cristobal.  Elder Caseres and I first went with a guy named Santos to do a babtism interview.  Haha I did an interview with him last week and he passed, but he didnt show up to his babtism!!  Apparently his mom got sick so he couldnt go.  Anyway the interview went well, Santos seems like a very nice, very humble guy.  He uses a wheelchair because he was living in the USA but got attacked by a gang and got deported.  Really sad storty but Im very greatful that he got babtized on Saturday!

After the interview with Santos I did an interview with a lady named Albertina.  She also has a sad story, here kidneys are failing and doesnt have a lot of time left to live.  Super humble, nice lady.  She passed the interview with flying colors and also got babtized on Saturday!

After the interviews my companion and I went to do some visits with the sister missionaries.  Their investigator wasnt home, but there was a family who wanted our help hauling fire wood from the mountain haha so that was pretty interesting.  The service ended and we met back up with Elder Rojas and the companion of Elder Caseres to interview a family.  Long story short is that the family isnt ready quite yet but their daughter Vilma got babtized and the elders will keep working with her family.

We got home, did our planning, then me and Elder Rojas had to talk about some companionship things with the other elders.  I think this gigantic division was productive and I sure did learn a ton.

On Sunday we had some miracles happen.  Saturday afternoon our appointments fell and we felt impressed to return to visit an old investigator.  We dropped him because we kind of thought he was a little crazy and didnt really want anything.  Anyway, we returned with him and invited him to church.  He said he would come, but we still had some doubts.  On Sunday at 745 we found him standing right in front of the chapel.  He only stayed for 40 minutes but for us this was a huge miracle!  A lot of people are super affraid of our church and dont even want to go inside.  Having him come was such a huge blessing and we look forward to visiting him this coming week.

The other miracle also happened in church.  After our investigator left a teenage girl walked in and sat in front of us.  All the members started looking at here and asking, "who is she?"  She wasnt wearing the typical corte dress of Nahuala so we were all a little confused.  After the meeting we talked with her and turns out she got babtized 6 months ago in Guatemala City but returned to live here with her family.  Her parents dont go to any church and her sister is Catholic but not really, we look forward to working with this family and with the Lords help they should be babtized.

Today we changed houses.  Its a ton of work!  Our new house is a LOT better, much bigger and I finally fit in the bathroom.  Things are looking up in Districto Xeroxon!

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