Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pepto Bismal!

Hey guys this week was pretty cool!  Im going to change up how I write my emails, hopefully they will be more interesting and understandable haha.  Here are my highlights of the week
Highlight 1: Edwardo is getting babtized!
After 3 months of teaching our investigator Edwardo is finally getting babtized.  They are really so great, just a great family.  He wants to go to the temple with his family and be sealed forever, which is just about the best thing ever.  Ive loved teaching him and his family, the babtizm should be awesome, Ill let you all know!
Highlight 2:  I got sick! 
Yes, this week I got a little sick.  It wasnt anything too bad, but I had a fever and stuff.  Being sick in the mission is not fun, but luckily it went away after 2 days.  Now I feel good and healthy, Ive started working out a lot more in the mornings.  Hopefully I get some huge muscles!
Highlight 3:  Branch conference
Next week we have branch conference here in San Mateo.  We helped invite all the less active members and my comp and I met a family that we didnt even know.  This week we are going to go visit them and hopefully help them come back to to herd. 
I love all of you guys!  Its hard to express just home much I miss back home, but Ive come to love Guatemala.  It certainly is different, with tons of corn, mayan dialects, and my favorite Guatemalan song (maybe the only one haha) the "Cerrucho".  See you guys!  Anchor yourselves in the Gospel, never let go.  If you want to be happy, be obedient.  See you all later!

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