Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hey guys, this week was hot!  Our house is pretty small so it really heats up.  One thing we don't have here in Guatemala is air conditioning.  This week was pretty crazy because we were supposed to have a babtism!  We had put a babtism date for our investigator Lupe for this Saturday.  We were pretty excited and so was she.  The only thing is... she had her baby on Friday!  Haha not the best timing.  The good thing is that her baby is healthy and everything.  Her dad came to church with us and he really liked it.  This family is super smart and I love being able to teach them.

Well this week we had a missionary activity.  We watched "17 miracles" and gave everyone popcorn.  It was a success, we had like 40 people come.  During the movie, I put our cellphone in my pocket.  I had a thing of Super Glue in my pocket, and, somehow, it exploded and covered our phone!  That was kind of a bummer, but we went and changed it out today.  

This Sunday Edwardo blessed the sacrament and he did great.  His family is doing super great and they are pretty much the nicest, most devoted members in the whole branch.  One year and they are going to the temple! 

We continue looking for more investigators, but its been really tough.  Our area is pretty burned over, which frustrates me.  We are doing our best though.  I love being a missionary!  Its so great.  Ive been kind of tired lately, haha really tired.  Serving a mission takes a lot of energy, effort, attention, etc.  But it changes us and makes us better.  God lives!  I know there are prophets that recieve revelation.  I know the church is true, this is Gods work, and that we can ALL live again.  

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