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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Edwardo entered the water!!

Hey guys, well this week was awesome because we had a babtism!  After 4 months of teaching, reactivating, an extortion attempt, and lots of prayers, we babtized our investigator Eduardo.  It was pretty much the best day of my life.  Him and his family have changed so much.  They are so great.  We held the babtism on Saturday at 5.  President Smith came and gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  He said something that impacted me: "The Holy Ghost is the best gift that God has given us."  He spoke for like 10 minutes and the spirit was so strong.  Then Eduardos daughter bore her testimony and we performed the babtism.  It was so amazing, the spirit was so strong.  This family went from inactive to a totally active, tithe paying, commandment keeping family.  Their next goal is the temple and we will help them get there!

Now we are looking for new people to babtize... we did have Lupe and her dad come to church.  They are the smartest guatemalans that I have ever met.  They are pretty poor, but have read like 100 pages of the Book of Mormon and understand everything we teach.  The dad even says he likes the Book of Mormon better than the bible because its more clear.  The only problem is that Lupe is pregnant haha and is about to have her baby like, this week.  The dad though could possibly get babtized on the 9th of May, which would be sweet.

Other than that Ive been trying to help my companion a lot.  He cant speak Spanish too well and Ive been helping him teach better.  Its been really humbling, when we pray aloud he always says things like, "Help me be able to know how to use the computer and speak spanish better.  Thanks for letting me become a member of the church..."  Hes a good guy, Ive learned a lot.

Well thats about it!  I love you guys and I love America haha.  The church is true, thats something Ive learned each and every day.  The principles of the Gospel help us be happy.  If we follow them, we are happy.  If not, we are sad.  Its that simple!  Peace!

Edwardo, my companion, and President and Sister Smith

My Zone! 

San Mateo 

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