Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 2!

Hi everyone!  I can't believe I'm almost finished with my second week here at the CCM, it's crazy!  I know I just wrote like 5 days ago, but there are some scheduling issues so they wanted us to write today.  

This week has been quite a bit better than the first week.  To be honest, the first week here wasn't the greatest.  Things have improved and I'm really starting to love my district.  For a while they didn't work hard but they have changed and now I finally have more friends!  My companion and I have started to communicate better, which has really helped us be more effective.  He's quiet, but he has a great testimony and we've started to get along really well, well, most of the time haha.  Let's just say that we had one REALLY hard day this week where we both didn't have the best sleep, but other than that it's been a lot better.  I'll tell you what though.  They always say being a missionary is good preperation for marriage and I want you all to know that's true!  We are together all day every day and if we get mad at each other or something then neither of us get much done.   I will say though, I'd much rather be with a girl all day than with a guy, but that's a few years away haha. 

Tomorrow we get to go to downtown Guatemala, which will be pretty sick.  First we're going to something called "El Mapa". It's a 3D map of Guatemala the size of a football field!  Then we're going to the market, then we get to go to Wendy's haha.  I'm really excited, especially because we get to leave the CCM for a little and have a break.   They say this old part of Guatemala is much different than where we're at, but it can't be that bad.  Even here at the gas station across the street by the temple they have a guy sitting there with a shotgun, so we'll see how Old Guatemala is like.  Should be cool! 

Hmm, let's see.  Oh, I guess I've never really told about my teachers here.  Hermano Noack is our morning teacher and he's the happiest, nicest, and funniest guy I've ever met.  He looks like a Guatemalan version of Mr. Bean and he is always smiling.  His english isn't the greatest, but he's one funny dude.  He shared with us some of his mission stories and they are incredible.  I don't think typing them would do justice, but the Priesthood is real.  Hermano Abadillo is our night teacher.  He's small, well dressed, and is just a stud.  He also told us some mission stories which were awesome, but the other day he did something mean.  We were having class when he started complaining of a headache.  He continued, but started repeating some words and started to stumble.  We told him to take a seat, then he collapsed to the floor.  I was freaking out!!! Someone ran and got a nurse for him, and she said "here's some pepto bismal."  Turns out the whole thing was a joke, but he was trying to teach us we need to apply the right medicine to our investiagtors.  I won't forget that!

Presidente Cox is still gone, so things are still pretty funny here at night time.  Some of the Latinos in my room take a flashlight and put it on peoples peepholes on their doors, which lights up the whole room.  I really love the latino people here, they are hilarious!  

Guys, God answers prayers.  I know that's true.  The church is true and I'm excited to serve in a beautiful area with beautiful people.  Adios!

Elder Call

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