Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hi everyone!  Everything is going well here in Guatemala!  I had the opportunity to go through the temple today, it was truly amazing.  I had the chance to go through for someone who was from huehuetenango, which is a city in my mission.  I thought that was way cool.
Alrighty, it's been about nine days since I last wrote.  Last Monday we had the chance to go to downtown Guatemala.  Everyone from the CCM got on buses and first we headed for the Capital.  It's just so unique, a lot of European looking buildings and a huge plaza.  Haha there were a few sketchy things down there, but we quickly headed over to a market.  It was so unique, I picked up some Guatemala jerseys and a very, very unique haha jacket with Quetzal birds on it.  After looking around for about an hour, we headed to the relief map.  They had us walk in the streets for a ways, which was pretty cool.  A lot of the people seem very happy and were kind to the missionaries.  The relief map is a gigantic map of Guatemala built in like 1904 or something.  My mission area has so many mountains!  Seeing this map got me really pumped up to serve.  After the relief map, as well as seeing a really slummy part of the city, we headed to Wendy's.  This was the best, nicest, newest Wendy's I've ever been to!  It was soooo nice to sit down with an American burger, sprite, fries, and even a little American music in the backround.  I honestly felt like I was back in the states, and then I looked outside and saw the police zooming by with guys in the back of a truck holding machine guns!  Haha, it's a very different world down here, but I honestly love it so much and the people are just amazing.  
Every Sunday we have a sacrament meeting where people are randomly called on to give talks, in Spanish.  I thought I was clear since there are so many missionaries, but our zona leader got up and said, "Primero, nosotros vamos a eschucar al Elder Call."  Yay!  Haha it wasn't that bad, I feel like I did very well.  I talked about repentance and how it can help us be clean again.  Afterwards one of the branch presidents told me my Spanish was very good, so that was a nice confidence boost.

Let's see what else... oh! That Sunday we watched the 2013 MTC Christmas Devotional from elder Bednar.  Ha that might seem a little random, but I can honestly say it was the best devotional I've ever seen in my life.  They handed out 200 cellphones to missionaries and told them to text questions to elder Bednar's Ipad.  It was so inspirational and helpful for me.  One thing that he said was. "You were not called to a place.  You were called to be a full time missionary."  All missionary work is the same, we all want to bring others to Christ.

Earlier this week we got some new room mates.  I like them, one's from Idaho and the other from bountiful or something.  We also got a new DL, Elder Stott.  He does a pretty good job, but I think I liked Elder Savage a little more.  Elder Jepson, Elder Stott's comp, became our ZL.  He's 23 and had to work for 6 years to be here.  He is so enthusiastic, I really think he will do miracles. 

Things have been going great with Elder Carter.  We have been working on communication and we work a lot more effectivly now.  I love being a missionary and I know Christ lives.  The Church is true and miracles still happen.  I miss you all very much, but just know that I have been working my very hardest.  Nos vemos!

Eating at Wendy's with Elder Carter

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