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Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Santisima!

This week was awesome!  Angela, who was babtized last week, got confirmed on Sunday.  Our investigator Juana in Nahuala, remember the old lady we started teaching? got babtized and confirmed this weekend.  One top of all that, this week we found 23 new investigators, which is the most Ive had in one week in my whole mission.  Lots of families and people who seem really prepared, we are pretty excited and have a lot of high hopes for this week!

On Tuesday the Asistants came to my district meeting, which was good though a little bit stressful because there where 11 people there and I was a little bit undecided on what I needed to focus on.  We talked about Chapter 10 of Preach my Gospel and focused on asking questions.  I began loooking in the New Testament and thought it was so interesting that Christ often answered peoples questions with a very profound, divine question.  The scribes and farisees (I have no idea how to spell that in English haha) always were criticizing Christ, especially about things like the Sabbath Day and other parts of the Law of Moses.  He taught them the true doctrine and He did it in such an interesting, deep way.  My companion and I have been focusing on beign better teachers and teaching like Christ taught and loving as He did.

On of the new families we found, well, was just a big miracle.  There are a lot of little shops in peoples houses that we call "tiendas" and most of the time we dont contact in tiendas because they are usually busy and always work on Sundays.  My companion felt inspired to knock on the door of a tienda and we found a scruffy looking guy named "Sender" (yes, "Sender") stripping copper wire to sell the copper, which reminded me of what happened when we were building our house back home but this man was super nice and let us in.  We taught lesson 1 to him and his wife, which went very well and the Spirit was strong.  They are from the coast, dont go to a church, and at the end asked us about babtism so we are very excited for the appointment we have with them tonight.  

On Easter we went to Stake Presidents house.  He lives in our ward but obviously is always pretty busy.  Their house is super nice wow, I felt like I was back home in the States!  His family is very kind, we showed them pictures of our families and watched the video "Halleluyah" that the church made for Easter.  They told us that they are willing to help with whatever family we are teaching so we should be going to their house with Sender and his family.  To top it all off, they gave us some "Dots" candy so I would say that it was a good visit and that we built a lot of confidence with him and his family.

I dont have a lot more to say other than that I know that this is the true church. After studying the scriptures so much and praying and trying to keep myself so clean for so long, the Spirit confirms to me each day that these things are true.  I know that we can all conquer death and that the Gospel is a gospel of happiness.  How awesome is it knowing that we can be together forever!  Helping other families realize this has been the biggest blessing of my life.  I feel so greatful for the support that I recieve from the Spirit and also from the family.  I love you all, feliz General Conference and we will talk next week!  

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