Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi guys!!

Today was a lot of fun, for P day my district and I went to a little organic, family owned chocolate factory, it was awesome!  We had a chocolate waterfall, learned how to make chocolate, and tried a whole bunch of desserts.  Then we went to a Mexican restaurant, overall it was a ton of fun and we all had a good time.  Being at the chocolate place reminded me just how amazing Xela is.  In 22 months Ive never seen someone get robbed or anything like that, everyone is really nice, the weather is almost always perfect, and it feels a lot like Utah Valley because there are a ton of chapels and even a beautiful temple. Mission Quetzaltenango is the best, anyone called to this mission is certainly blessed.

This week we had a multi zone conference with president which was excellent.  We talked about our goals and making plans, two things that used to be really difficult for me but Ive been improving a ton. Ive come to realize that I would have been able to accomplish a lot more back home if I would have taken some time to organize myself a little and analize my goals, but at least now Im learning from past mistakes. President focused on the importance of being obedient and trusting in Heavenly Father because even if we had perfect goals and plans ultimately we arent in charge nor can we force people to join the church.  There are always trials in life but I feel a lot more excited now that I understand how to plan well, things tend to work out a lot better!

We had 7 investigators at church, 5 of which have babtism dates which was super awesome!  Our investigator Juri is doing well, she has been a little bit nervous for her babtism for the 28 of may.  I told her that before the mission I was reallly nervous too and honestly it wasnt too much fun saying goodbye and getting on a plane.  But my eyes have been opened, Ive seen a lot of miracles, and Ive changed so much so it has been the best experience of my life so far.  We are hoping she can follow through with her goal and be babtized.

We had "Family Week" here in Central America this week but sadly we didnt recieve too many references. Sometimes its hard for our members to share the gospel, though we did get one really solid reference who came to church so that was good.  There was a culture night in the stake center, it was really cool because half of the branch in Sija went and preformed a little traditional dance.  The longer Ive been in the mission the more love I feel for the amazingly humble and kind people that live here.

I know that the gospel of Christ is what will help us be happy.  We cant live how we want to and expect to be happy.  It requires a lot of humility to accept the gospel and do what God expects of us.  I love Him and know that we can return with Him and live as an eternal family.  I love alll of you and espero que tengan una buena semana! 

Elder Call 

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