Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The winds of change!

Hey guys, there are a lot of changes coming my way!  The other day President called and told me that Im getting transferred.  He also told me Im going to be a district leader, so tomorrow I get a new companion, new area, and a lot of new responsabilities!

I was thinking about my time here in San Mateo.  6 months haha, thats a long time!  When I first got here there werent any investigators, the church asistance was around 80, and the branch just wasnt doing too well.  6 months later?  Asitance averages 125, we have two babtism dates, and we are doing a lot of activities to motivate the branch.  I have seen many miracles here and have really learned a lot.  Missionary work is,more than anything, just love.  If we express our love for everyone, lives change, miracles happen, and happiness spreads.  I think love is so important because if we show our love for others God will show his love for us.  

Its kind of a bitter sweet feeling leaving an area.  I feel happy because I get to meet new people, but at the same time its a little bit sad.  Theres a widow in our ward that we went to visit yesterday to say goodbye.  She just started crying and crying.  Ive been a part of many lives here, Ive seen so many changes and people progressing.  

Im going to miss a lot of people here in San Mateo, but Im ready to move on and help more people.  There are so many humble, nice people here in Guatemala that need a lot of help.  I know that Christ loves us and He will help us overcome our challenges.  The church is true!  My testimony of the Gospel, after talking to Jehovahs Witnesses, Catholics, Adventists, Evangelists, Protestants, and even Atheists, has never been stronger.  I know that we possess the fulness of the Gospel, what a great blessing!  This coming week a lot will change, but my testimony of the truth will never change.  I love you guys!  Suerte y sigan adelante en la obra de Dios

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