Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Elder Call goes to HueHue!

Hey guys, well this week I got changes and I am now in Huehuetenango!  Our zone, Calvario, is awesome.  My area is called Brasilia.  Its a ward and our church building is the stake center.  I can see that there is a ton of potential here but... lets just say my companion and his old companion werent really working, like, at all.  My new companion is 18 years old, has 3 months, is from Nicaragua, and has a cool accent.  He was pretty disobedient with his trainer and they literally did nothing here.  Hes a cool guy though, I think Im helping him out a lot. There are about twice as many people than in San Mateo, so I think there will be a lot of people to teach.

Well this week I did a division with Elder Mcvey, who is a good friend of mine.  We worked suepr hard and had a great day.  I think being a district leader will help me grow as a person and learn a ton.  

This week we mainly tried looking for members to talk to, as well as contacting a ton of people.  There are some really cool people in my area.  The good thing is that here the people are a lot nicer and less fanatic about religion.  We talked to one member who got babtized when he was 16, back when Huehue only had 30 members.  He was later called as a bishop and even stake president.  One day he was checking recomends at the temple when someone walked in.  The man looked at the member funny, and asked his name.  He told his name, and the strange man who walked in looked in a journal and guess what?  The man who walked in was the elder who babtized this member, only 45 years older.  This story really motivated me to find the chosen people and help them accept the gospel.  We are pretty much opening the area, so it will be a little rough at first.  I know, however, that God will help us and that we will be successful.  Im excited to work, grow, and become a better missionary.  Peace!

Part of my zone!

The new baby

Saying good bye to Edwardo and his family-pretty much the best members ever

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