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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Temple and blessings

This was a great week!  

We went contacting on Tuesday and found 3 new families that dont go to any church, which for us was a huge miracle.  One of those families has already come to church 3 times but never got babtized, so we will definitely work a lot with them.  We found these families because we felt inspired to go contact a specific place even though there arent that many houses.  Following the Spirit helped us find these families, which was a huge faith booster and now we have some investigators that are pretty positive.  

On Thursday we went to the temple which is always a great experience.  We went a little early and ate in the dining room as a zone.  I bought a Book of Mormon picture book which will come in handy for teaching people who cant read too well. Our temple trip went well, afterwards we went to a zone meeting with President.  We talked about repentance and the Gospel of Christ.  President said that here in Guatemala there are more than 47,000 Evangalist churches!  Before he told us he asked, "How many Evangelist churches do you think there are here in Guatemala?"  A sister missionary replied, "How many street corners are there?"  There are lots of challenges but the church continues to grow and we keep finding people to teach and its all because this isnt our work, its the work of the Lord!

I did divisions in an area called Chirijox with an Elder Fris from Argentina.  Their area is right on the side of the mountain so we did a lot of climbing!  We went to a part of their area called "Alaska" and, yes, its very cold.  We taught some people, went back to Chirijox, taught a family... pretty good divisions and I learned a lot.  When we got back to the house he taught me how to dance like Michael Jackson haha we had a good time and got a lot done with my "che".

DOMINGO HAS A BABTISM DATE FOR THIS SATURDAY!  For us this has been a huge miracle, our ward hasnt babtized an adult man, with the exception of an old guy that went inactive and according to our information for about 2 and a half years.  Our plan is to babtize Domingo and in a few weeks he should be able to babtized his son and in the future his wife will be converted.  We are really excited and we feel blessed to have found Domingo. We need everyone to pray to bless Domingo and so that he can overcome any problems or pastors or whatever comes his way. 

That was it for this week, I love you all!  Thanks for always writing me and supporting me.  Nos vemos!!

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