Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A journey to Guatemala City!

This week the secretaries called us.  Every new elder has to get their visa in Guatemala City, so we went on Tuesday.  It was a long trip!  It was kind of weird to see tall buildings and lots of people.  The people in the capital are different than they are here.  Here in my mission, everybody says, "Buenas tardes," to each other in the street.  We tried that in the capital, but nobody talked to us haha.  It was a fun little trip, but we were definitely happy to get back to our area. 

This week we had interviews with President Smith.  I always love talking to him, hes a very humble man and always helps me out.  He told me somthing I already knew but that really impacted me, "We learn by practice, we learn by practice..." As a trainer and a district leader, Ive been practicing a lot of new things and have learned a ton.  By learning new things and putting them into practice, we can change our lives.  We will become a lot more like our Heavenly Father.  

We continue teaching the Cox Family.  They are doing great!  They now have 4 attendences at church.  The dad still struggles to attend, but with a little time he will improve.  Its been such a blessing to teach this family and see them grow in the Gosepl.  Another investigator that is really cool is Lorenzo, a 15 year old dancer, singer,  He is sooo cool.  He is one of those rare investigators that just... get it.  He understands everything and is progressing like crazy.  I love the investigators that we have, they are amazing!

On Sunday we watched "Meet the Mormons" as a missionary activity.  Wow, after watching that movie it makes me so happy to be part of the church.  It makes me sad when people here reject our message or simply dont want to understand it.  Without the Church and the Gospel of Christ, where are we in our lives?  We cant be happy, we cant enjoy the many blessings that come from understanding Gods plan.  Our investigators loved the movie, as did the members who watched it.

Well, thats about all I have for this week.  I just would like to close with my testimony.  The Church is true, and I say that because I honestly know its true.  I know the Book of Mormon can help us live an amazing life, that it was inspired for our times and that it is true.  Christ really did come, suffer, and provide the way for us to return home after this life.  We must always progress in the Gospel, continue learning and putting the Gospel into practice in our lives.  Love you all, enjoy your American summer and enjoy life!


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