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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

La Semana Loca

Hey everyone!  Wow, this was a pretty crazy week.  Tuesday night we got a call from the mission secretary saying I had to go to Guatemala City in the morning!  Apparently anyone from the States or another country has to go to Guate to fill out some Visa things.  We met 8 other missionaries at the mission office in Xela and guess who my companion was?  Elder Carter!  We talked the whole bus ride and it sounds like he´s doing really well.  

Well LONG story short, after two different hotels and a lot of driving we went back to Choqui.  We have a babtism date this month with a girl named Yoselin.  She loves the Gospel and loves having us visit her.  Celixto, remember him?, is still reading the Book of Mormon and everything but we still haven´t been able to get a babtism date.  Our other investigators are doing well for the most part and I hope we can help them continue to progress.

General Confrence was this week haha and let´s just say it´s a little different in Spanish!  I was lucky enough to hear priesthood session in English but everything else was in Spanish.  I thought it was really interesting having people speak in their native tongues.  When it was anounced that people would speak in Spanish all the members around me got really excited and payed a lot more attention.  I think it´s a great thing the Church did and I hope they do that more in the future.

Every week I wish I could say more but if I could say anything it would be to know that all is well.  Honestly, things are pretty tough sometimes.  Thankfully the tough times have helped me decide who I really am.  I´ve learned that no problems, people, areas, nothing can make me discouraged, only myself.  I know who I am and every day I work my hardest because I know how important the Gospel is and how it changes lives.  I know Christ lives.  Everything happens for a reason, there´s a great plan for all of us.  I know this is true.  Heavenly Father loves us, he really, really loves us.  I love all of you and know the Church is true.  Keep your eyes on what´s most important, don´t get too distracted and realized how blessed we are, adios!

                                           We saw this iguana outside our hotel in Guatemala City


                                                Me and Elder Carter from the CCM

                                           Feels like America-crazy nice McDonalds

                                            My companions fishhead-this caused some problems...

                                           The view from our porch-it's so pretty here!

                                        This is San Francisco, a town in our area

Me and Elder Haderlie headed to Guatemala City

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