Called to serve in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mes de Milagros

Hola everyone, great week and Im excited to talk about it!  

Our zone has dubbed this month as the Month of Miracles.  Everyday we look for a miracle that happened in our area and report it to the zone leaders at night time.  Lets just say we had some pretty big miracles this week!

First off, one of our investigators named Sixtos came to church with us this week and wants to be babtized the 25th.  He needs help understanding things because he isnt too educated but he said he felt the Spirit and wants to come next week as well.  We still need to work with him but he{s a really good guy and everytime we teach him I can tell he want{s the Gospel.

We have a babtism this next week with Yoselin!  She lives in Patalup and is totally ready to be babtized.  I am just super excited to babtize someone into the Church, what an honor.  Its just such a blessing.

Que mas... OH!  Our wards attendence the other day was the highest it{s been in 6 weeks, just tons of stuff is starting to happen.  Yeah, we still have these moments everyday, companion things or whatnot but for the most part everything is going as best as possible in Choqui.  We{re running a little low on new investigators but other than that all is well.

To be honest, last week I was pretty frustrated.  Things just we{rent going right, I don{t know.  Elder Perry and I talked for quite a while about why we are here.  One blessing of being in an Aldea like Choqui is that it really strenghtens your testimony.  He told me, *I know a lot of great missionaries who{ve served in the cities but theres really nothing more powerful than a testimony of an Aldea missionary.*  Its really an honor to be where I{m at and to just do my best everyday.  I know the Church is true, goodness we are so blessed with all that we have!  I love you all so much and if any of you are going through hard times heres a scripture for you...

And not only so, but we GLORY in tribulations also[ knowing that tribulation worketh patience.   Romans 5{3

Elder Call

                                       HEre's a member named Ashley haha just like our Ashley!

                                   Here's Sixto, came to church.  Recognize the tie? haha

                         Here's me climbing up La Montana del Muerte-this is how we get to Patalup

        Here's my district and zone!  Smallest zone in all of Quetzaltenango and no girls because it's so tough but hey, I'm not complaining 

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